Dear colleagues and friends!

The traditional international seminar led by S. Seki Shihan, 7th Dan, Aikido World Headquarters (AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo) took place from November 3 – 7 , 2006 in Moscow. The seminar was devoted to the 15th anniversary of Koinobori Dojo.
More than 200 people participated in the seminar, including representatives from Moscow, N. Novgorod, Fryazino, Pushchino, Domodyedovo, Ryazan, St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Abakan, Lithuania, France and the United States.
Koinobori Dojo received many letters of congratulations from people who care about our dojo, including those who took and continue to take an active part in its development. Greetings were sent by:

Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba,
General Secretary of the International Aikido Federation, Mr. H. Somemiya, 7th Dan AIKIKAI
President of AAFR, Mr.S. V. Kirienko, 2nd Dan AIKIKAI
Instructors at AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo, including:
S. Seki Shihan, 7th Dan
H. Osawa Shihan, 7th Dan
Yu. Kobayasi Shihan, 7th Dan
S. Sugawara Shihan, 6th Dan
T. Kanazawa Shihan, 6th Dan
H. Fuzimaki Shihan, 6th Dan
Yo. Iriye Shihan, 6th Dan
T. Sasaki Shidoin, 4th Dan

Mr.D. Brunner Shidoin, 6th Dan, representative of Birankai International in Switzerland
Mr. J. Wada, 6th Dan, head of aikido dojo in San Jose, CA USA
Mr. N. Nomura, 5th Dan, head of AYUKAI (Japan)
Mrs. Linda Holiday, 5th Dan, head of aikido dojo in Santa Cruz, CA USA
Mr. K. Barrish, head of aikido dojo and representation of Tsubaki Temple in USA
Mr. Yo. Teraisi, 3rd Dan, AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo

MFAA, Sections of AAFR “Oosinkan”, “Vakikai”, Golden Dragon Dojo and Kagami Dojo
Mr. T.V. Avakimyants, head of Syobukai Dojo
Mr. R.S. Aloyev, president of Russian Kendo Federation

A HUGE THANK YOU for the congratulations and to everyone who participated in our celebration! We wish you health and happiness!!

M. Karpova
President of Koinobori Dojo
Vice President of AAFR
Shidoin AIKIKAI Russia


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