Thinking of a Miracle. XI Seminar, 2006

Thinking of a Miracle. XI Seminar, 2006

Thinking of a Miracle

Several times of late I’ve argued with different people about what a miracle is.
Certainly, there are different opinions.

Is a miracle something unthinkable, something unimaginable, something impossible to understand?
Or is it something that ties the world we are used to with something greater? Sort of a reminder that there is something else out there?
Or is a miracle just some attribute of a fairy-tale? So that life is a little easier, so that there is something to tell a child at bed-time?

And now, at the seminar, returning home after practice late at night, I am thinking about a miracle again. But now in a completely different way. A miracle is white snowflakes on yellow autumn leaves. A miracle is a lone pine-tree on a hill. A miracle is a cloud crawling over the sky. It is so simple. And at the same time – an overwhelming riddle. And just as simple, as natural are the movements of the Sensei, of the man who studies and teaches harmony with the world. Just as that pine belongs in that particular hill, in the same way this particular movement of his belongs to this particular moment, with this particular partner. And this is a miracle. This is a way to perception, to coming in touch with a miracle, to coming in touch with the worls.

I am deeply grateful to Sensei for this, for leading me on this way.
I am deeply grateful to my teachers.
I am deeply grateful to those who organized this seminar.

Marchenko Dina (2 Kyu)
Koinobori Dojo


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