XI Seminar, 2006. 15th Anniversary of Koinobori Dojo

XI Seminar, 2006. 15th Anniversary of Koinobori Dojo

Seminar of S. Seki Shihan in Moscow, November, 2006.

The seminar was held in Moscow from November 3 to 7, 2006, and was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Koinobori Dojo.

Koinobori Dojo receiveв numerous congratulation messages from Japan, Switzerland, USA, Russia from friends, teachers, organizations, from all those who helped in the creation and development of Koinobori Dojo throughout the 15 years of its history. The seminar conducted by S.Seki shihan became the most important event of the Dojo’s anniversary year.

Over 200 participants gathered to attend the seminar from 10 cities and towns of Russia (Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Fryazino, Puschino, Domodedovo, Ryazan, Saint Petersburg, Kaluga, Abakan), as well as from Lithuania, France, and the USA.

Impessions of seminar participants.

This is far from the first year practitioners from our dojo have participated in a seminar taught by Seki sensei. An every time I announce at class that the next seminar of Seki sensei is schedules, there are always those willing to take part: students try to make it at least to evening classes, working people try to reconcile work and practicing at the seminar.

We highly appreciate the way Seki sensei’s classes are constructed. There is always a specific theme, a purpose to every class, and these themes, in their turn, join together to form a general theme of the whole seminar. Every next technique is always connected with the previous one through some technical element or basic concept. This allows beginners (white belts) to go from one technique to another more easily, and more advanced practitioners (yudansha) to understand the essence of technique more deeply.

And there is one more particular characteristic of Seki sensei’s seminars that we like very much. It is the tempo, the rhythm of practice, which Seki sensei sets at the seminar. He doesn’t appear to hurry anyone, to urge on, but there is no wish to go slowly. Otherwise, it seems, we would lose an essential element of the very idea of practicing aikido.

Dmitry Kundin (3 Dan)
FAAR instructor, aikido instructor at Kempo Dojo “The Gold Dragon”
(Fryazino, Moscow Region)

The way of perfection is endless, but that is precisely why it is so interesting and wonderful. Every time we discover for ourselves new aspects of technique, new perception of aikido, and new understanding of our further actions, which we attempt to implement throughout the following year until the next seminar. This also happened this time: I believe the inexpressible energy of Seki sensei’s technique has not left anyone indifferent. We have all got tremendous material for thought and practice. And perfect organization of the seminar by our Dojo has, as before, allowed all the participants of the seminar, including numerous guests, to enjoy and simply drown in this ineffable sprit of joint practice. And I wish to us all, members of our Dojo, and to all our friends to use wisely the priceless experience we have received, so that in a year we are able to discover for ourselves still new horizons!

Klyushkin Gennady (no Kyu)
Koinobori Dojo


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