Shoji Seki Shihan was born on 6 March 1950 in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. While he was a student in a Musashi Institute of Technology in Tokyo a group of the aikidokas was giving a demonstration and in 1969 Shoji joined.

He was a 2nd Dan already when, in 1973, he was admitted as an assistant instructor at Hombu Dojo. He has been dealing professionally with Aikido since then.

Today he has become one of the main instructors at Hombu Dojo. He leads general classes, classes for the beginners and is one of the closest partners of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba. He also directs in the other Aikido clubs and universities, gives the seminars all over the world in the countries like Israel, Russia, USA, France, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Indonesia, Poland and others.

Shihan Shoji Seki – curator of russian international Koinobori Dojo from 1996.

We are happy to present the documentary film “The Last Samurai” by Dmitry Slobodchikov – a film about a wonderful Person, Master and Teacher…

Seki Shoji Shihan — 57th All Japan Aikido Demonstration (2019)

Seki Shoji Shihan – international aikido seminar in Mexico (2019)

Seki Shoji Shihan — 56th All Japan Aikido Demonstration (2018)

XXIII The Annual International Aikido Seminar at Koinobori Dojo, Moscow (2017)

Seki Shoji Shihan – 55th All Japan Aikido Demonstration (2017)

Seki Shoji Shihan – 54th All Japan Aikido Demonstration (2016)

Seki Shoji Shihan – 53rd All Japan Aikido Demonstration (2015)

Shihan Shoji Seki – Koinobori Dojo