SEKI Shoji Shihan, 8 Dan AIKIKAI

Born March 6, 1950, in Yamagata prefecture (Japan). Graduated from Musashi Institute of Industrial Technologies. Started aikido practice in 1969. In 1973, with the rank of 2 Dan, was admitted as AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo instructor. Since that time has been practicing Aikido professionally.

Doshu K.Ueshiba and uke S.Seki

At present teaches at Hombu Dojo (general classes, beginners class of Aikido Academy), directs the work of Aikido Clubs in a number of universities and companies.  Directs seminars in many countries (Israel, Russia, USA, France, Brasil,  Argentina, Indonesia).

First visited Russia in September 1995 as the head of the delegation of Hombu Dojo masters. Since 1996 has regularly directed seminars in Moscow at Koinobori Dojo.

S.Seki: “I set myself the goal of learning to move in such way that I feel satisfied with my movement. I try to teach aikido patiently, not infusing students with a sense of fear.” (41st All Japan Aikido Demonstration, 2003, “Aikido Tankyu”, No 26, 2003)

S.Seki Shihan’s technique is characterized by powerful, high-amplitude throws, high speed and technical precision together with a careful and respectful attitude toward students. Shihan’s trainings are dynamic, accompanyied by short clear explanation. Working on the techniques with virtually each and every student in the class is the hallmark of S.Seki Shihan’s style of conducting training sessions in AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo.

photo by Andrew V Parker

Aikido Journal” about S.Seki Shihan:

“Shoji Seki, 7th Dan, is one of a group of Aikikai Hombu Dojo instructors who began their careers in the late 1960s.

He has maintained himself in excellent physical condition, and his technique is fast and precise.

Although Seki Sensei is not verbose in his explanation, he repeats the technique he is demonstrating many times, and it is possible to catch the fine points of his movements through careful observation”.