S.Seki shihan seminar in Bali (June 6th-10th,2013)

S.Seki shihan seminar in Bali (June 6th-10th,2013)

Monday, June 10 2013

Aikido thrives in Bali

by Nur Aminah

“… Rai Wibawa, the senior martial art practitioner who founded Dojo Samurai and currently serves as the head of Aikido Bali, disclosed that the number of local Aikido practitioners had steadily increased…

…“Since 2004, we have always invited Seki Shoji Shihan [7th Dan] to Bali to provide the practitioners here with training and valuable input. Master Seki has become the role model for the island’s Aikido practitioners,” he said.

During a formal training session at Dojo Samurai on Saturday, Seki repeatedly impressed upon the attending practitioners that Aikido was far more than just a martial art.

“It is a life philosophy, a way to help us understand ourselves, other people, and nature. That’s the reason why Aikido has never been presented as a competitive sport and there has never been any Aikido competition organized,” he said.

The training session with Shihan was divided into two days. Saturday was for senior Aikido practitioners and black belt-holders, and Sunday for beginners…”

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