The XV seminar directed by S.SEKI shihan in Koinobori Dojo sucsessfuly finished

The XV seminar directed by S.SEKI shihan in Koinobori Dojo sucsessfuly finished

The XV seminar was held in Moscow on November 04-08, 2010 and was dedicated to 15th anniversary of joint practice of Shoji SEKI shihan and Koinobori Dojo members.

Shoji SEKI shihan has visited Koinobori Dojo at the first time in June of 1996 when Koinobori Dojo has celebrated its 5th anniversary. At that time only 50 people took part in the seminar including 20 members of Koinobori Dojo.

This year over 250 participants (including 135 members of Koinobori Dojo) gathered to attend the XV seminar from 15 cities and towns of Russia (Moscow, Irkutsk, Rostov-on-Don, Saransk, Elektrogorsk, Korolyov, Domodedovo, Fryazino, Kaluga, Kirov,  Nizhny Novgorod, Puschino,Krasnodar, Stupino, Tambov), as well as from Lithuania (Vilnius) and Japan (Tsukuba).

We were very happy to have as seminar participants special guests from Japan: Mr. Masamichi MACHIDA (4 Dan), Mr. Ryo  TAKENAKA (4 Dan), Mr. Masaru FUKUZATO (3 Dan) Mr. Kenji MORI (3 Dan), Mr. Tatsuro KANEKO (3 Dan). The visit of the group of young aikidoists from Japan was organized by Japan-Russia Youth exchange centre and National Agency of Youth Affairs of Russian Federation.

The seminar program included the main part 8 classes under direction of Shoji SEKI shihan, as well as 2 master classes for Koinobori Dojo members, the Dan examination and demonstration made by Koinobori Dojo instructors and representatives of Koinobori Dojo regional branches from Russia and Lithuania.

The seminar was held in one of the largest judo dojos in Moscow – the Shabolovka sports complex.

Perfect organization of the seminar by Koinobori Dojo has allowed all the participants of the seminar, including numerous guests, to enjoy and simply drown in ineffable sprit of joint practice.


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